Some Common Types Of Medical Services

Medical services refers to all the medical services that are offered to a person, such as, but not restricted to, doctor services, nurse and physician services, dentist services and other medical services. These services vary greatly depending on where you live and also depending on what part of the country you live in. For example, medical services in Alaska consists of different types of medical services than in Massachusetts. The states that have a large number of people living in them also have different types of medical service available to residents. Read more about Common Types Of Medical Services.

Medical and nursing care services are provided by licensed nurses and physicians and may need to be scheduled as part of the patient's treatment. A patient may need specific medical services like respiratory support, physical therapy, speech therapy, pain management or psychological assessment. The patient may also need certain types of prescription drugs, and/or surgery.

Out-patient medical care is usually provided in a general hospital setting. The patient is admitted or discharged there and has the ability to make several house calls. Some of the services the patient receives at home include, but are not limited to, wound care, medication monitoring and safety transport, critical care, medical social service, and detoxification. Medications may be administered in an outpatient setting under the supervision of the attending physician or in an inpatient setting, usually in a nursing care facility, convalescent home or other medical facility. A person who is an inpatient is generally referred to as being in a residential setting.

Inpatient care may mean staying in a hospital or a nursing care facility for any length of time. An inpatient setting is when a person is admitted to the hospital or other medical center under the supervision of a licensed physician or surgeon. Residential or inpatient care may involve staying overnight for specific services or a period of time. Outpatient care means travel that is away from the patient's home. Care may be received from one physician or from a group of physicians or surgeons operating in the medical system.

Out-patient nursing care means direct patient contact with a licensed nurse who is the person responsible for making decisions on the discharge of the patient or the referral of care. A nurse will evaluate the medical condition and assess the severity of the medical problem to determine the course of treatment. A nurse may also be called upon by the patient or by a representative of the patient's family to make specialized visits to the patient's home to assess needs and to recommend needed services. Nursing home health care services may need to be supervised by a licensed medical doctor.

Medical transcription involves converting spoken medical information into written format. Transcriptionists use various equipment and software to convert the patient's voice to text. Medical transcriptionist jobs may include hospital visits, office visits or other times when the transcriptionist is working off site from home using their own equipment. Medical transcription may include medical school and certification, but many employers do not require such, and many medical transcriptionists work from home. View here for more info.

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